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Information and Statistics

Information and statistics

LIFE tries to combine statistics, research and analysis in a way that guarantees building useful information, originated from actual reality, in order to have quantitative and qualitative assessments of the current situation of the Syrian refugees.  

To do so, LIFE is gathering all data specific to the Syrian refugees so as to build a bank of knowledge. This strategy is based on: documentation and classification in order to create a statistical analysis.

This section of the institute’s work, aiming at building a bank of documented information, is done through a process of collecting and archiving information in order to employ it in research projects or for purposes of statistics.

To achieve its goal, LIFE relies on a network of information collectors through its own team, partners and collaborators who have a geographical spread, who have a young staff specialized in the Syrian case and who have the high ability to acquire expertise and develop skills and innovation. They should also have the ability to adapt with developments, move and work in difficult circumstances, despite the huge security unrest (especially in North Lebanon) and who holds a direct practical experience for over two years surrounded by professional guidance and training.


Therefore, LIFE conducts statistical surveys by documenting events, incidents and situations. This constitutes a daily flow of information, and guarantees enriching the research projects of the programs of the institute, as well as helping it keep an exact track of the Syrian refugees development in Lebanon.