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Medical and Health Care

Medical treatment and healthcare

The medical department started its activities a couple of months after the Syrian crisis in 2011, in order to provide medical support for the Syrian refugees. LIFE also played a major role in the imporvement of the medical condition of these refugees by empowering Public Health Care (PHC) and Public hospitals in Lebanon, especially in the regions where there is a high number of Syrian refugees. For example:


  • PHC in Majdal-Anjar providing services to approximately 4,500 patients per month.
  • PHC in Sa’ad-Nayel serving nearly 1,500 patients a month.
  • A specialized poly-clinic in Majdal-Anjar (laboratory, x-ray...).
  • Mobile medical rounds in ITS and shelters


  • PHC providing services to nearly 9000 patient per month.
  • A surgical center for elective operations and minor surgeries: 120 surgical operations per month.

Life is working and coordinating with NGO’s specialized in medical and health care in Lebanon, as well as and sharing information on the latest updates of the Syrian refugees conditions. LIFE also works on proving all medical support (from surgeries to post-operation treatment) to these refugees and help people with special needs shall they need artificial devices.