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Relief Camps Department


LIFE provides refugees who are affected by violence, hunger, poverty, injury and displacement, with humanitarian aid. The volatile situation in Syria led to the migration of a large number of Syrians who have especially fled to Syria’s immediate neighbors such as Lebanon. This movement and their settlement in camps on the borders of Lebanon has created a dire need for food, shelter and medical care.

LIFE is working to address these needs through our established programs in Lebanon. Our mission is to provide humanitarian relief, distribute the aid material needed to the different camps in Lebanon, targeting especially women, children and disable people. 


LIFE aims at improving the living conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon through the planning, design and construction of facilities, shelters, schools and health centers, alongside our respective partners and the local authorities, as well as through comprehensive planning for the environmental health sector. We work on the restoration of sewerage and drainage works, water wells and wastewater treatment in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, especially in the Bekaa.

We also offer technical assessments and follow up on construction in order to mitigate the immediate effects of emergencies. This involves reconstructing shelters for Syrian refugee families who become homeless after their shelters were destroyed by the heavy storms in 2014, for example. 


LIFE first achievement was the establishment of the Arsal camp: 100 tents ( log cabin ) with proper water wells, sanitation and electricity. 

In addition, LIFE started setting up a second camp in the town of Anjar (Eastren Bekaa Valley): 75 tent (log cabin) with the same basic services of the Arsal Camp.