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Democracy and Human Rights

Democracy and Human Rights

The Lebanese Institute for Democracy and Human Rights focuses on the improvement of all marginalized groups (refugees, prisoners, etc…) by helping with their integration, providing them with jobs and all the human basic needs.

Also, as the Syrian crisis started in 2011, the question of democratic governance and human rights became critical components of sustainable development and lasting peace.

Since then, LIFE decided to make democracy theme its core development work, focusing on strengthening and promoting human rights, accountable and transparent governance, and an independent and politically active civil society across all our work. At the same time, we remain committed to fundamental democratic empowerment activities, including supporting free and fair elections, up-to-date technology for new and traditional media, as well as the rule of law.

By helping the Syrian society protect the basic rights of citizens, we prevent conflict, spur economic growth and advance human dignity. Countries with democratic freedoms are more just, peaceful and stable-and their citizens can fulfill their potential.