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Education Department

The aim of the Education Department is the dissemination of  education among refugees in Lebanon, in cooordination with regional and international donors as well as educational institutions in Lebanon. In order to do so, our department created the Office of Education that is in charge of coordinationg with the donors and lebanese institutions so as to provide the best education for these refugees. 

Information and Statistics

LIFE tries to combine statistics, research and analysis in a way that guarantees building useful information, originated from actual reality, in order to have quantitative and qualitative assessments of the current situation of the Syrian refugees.  

Medical and Health Care

The medical department started its activities a couple of months after the Syrian crisis in 2011, in order to provide medical support for the Syrian refugees. LIFE also played a major role in the imporvement of the medical condition of these refugees by empowering Public Health Care (PHC) and Public hospitals in Lebanon, especially in the regions where there is a high number of Syrian refugees.

Relief Camps Department

LIFE first achievement was the establishment of the Arsal camp: 100 tents ( log cabin ) with proper water wells, sanitation and electricity. In addition, LIFE started setting up a second camp in the town of Anjar (Eastren Bekaa Valley): 75 tent (log cabin) with the same basic services of the Arsal Camp.

Democracy and Human Rights

LIFE decided to make democracy theme its core development work, focusing on strengthening and promoting human rights, accountable and transparent governance, and an independent and politically active civil society across all our work. At the same time, we remain committed to fundamental democratic empowerment activities, including supporting free and fair elections, up-to-date technology for new and traditional media, as well as the rule of law.