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Training workshop for Lebanese Lawyers on international Human Rights law and practices - 2015/2016

October 1st 2015

From October 2015 till February 2016, LIFE conducted 4 advanced workshops for Lebanese lawyers on the basics of international human rights law. These workshops hosted around 80 lawyers from Beirut, Saida, Tripoli and Bekaa.

The purpose of the workshop is to train Lebanese lawyers on international human rights conventions and standards, and to serve as a stepping stone for developing expertise in specialized areas of human rights law and practice. The workshop adopts a holistic approach to learning international human rights law, beginning from its normative foundations and emergence as a distinct field of international law to its contemporary status and challenges for the future. On the normative side, lawyers will analyze the merits and demerits of categorizing human rights under different labels and its effects on human rights promotion. They will look at case studies from around the world that expose the tensions between cultural relativism and universality of human rights, and will also look at the concepts of collective rights and rights of vulnerable persons. On the practical side, Lebanese lawyers will be introduced to the most important mechanisms as well as challenges to the realization and promotion of human rights, including State compliance and judicial enforcement. Finally, the inter-play between nation-states and civil society will be scrutinized with a strong focus on NGO activism and the emerging challenges thereto.


At the end of the workshop, participants have received a certificate of attendance delivered by LIFE director, lawyer Nabil AL-HALABI.