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Training workshop on international Human Rights law and practices - 2014/2015

October 1st 2014

LIFE held a series of workshops from October 2014 till February 2015, which was attended by leading academic judges and lawyers, government officials, ISF officers as well as Lebanese and Syrian human rights activists. Topics covered in the workshop include classification of conflicts, targeting the use of force, detention, joint military operations and new military technologies, as well as an introduction to the concept of Human Rights law and how it can be applied during periods of conflicts.

These workshops aimed at understanding and exploring human rights learning communities, building human rights learning environments for its participants to develop to their full potential, and also aimed at learning skills that participants can apply to their home communities.

Because human rights education is relatively new in Lebanon and the region, LIFE’s objectives is to encourage the establishment of a network of Human Rights activists from all domain and majors, by providing a space for encouraging renewal and connecting, helping human rights defenders avoid isolation or burnout.

At the end of the workshop, participants have received a certificate of attendance delivered by LIFE director, lawyer Nabil AL-HALABI.