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LIFE calls for an impartial investigation regarding the Roumieh prison's recent events

January 26th 2015

After the frequent disturbing news about mistreating many of detained at Roumieh central prison during the process of transferring them from a building to another for security purposes. LIFE have received a lot of complaints from the families of the detained ones, who managed to visit them, then passed on their misery, the inhuman way they have been treated, and the unjustified beating by the prison guards. On top of that, they have been forced to get naked in groups and staying that way for days, regardless of their simplest rights as human beings, and the very low temperature which lead a lot of health issues. The institute have also received news about starving these people for long periods, and beating them randomly without valid reasons.

For that, The Lebanese Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (LIFE) asks the Lebanese government to enable the international committee of Red Cross, with local and international human rights organizations to visit the detained ones at the Roumieh central prison to check on their current status at building D. And hold neutral investigations around the events that happened during the transfer phase of the detained ones from building B to D.
The institute also asks the members of the Lebanese parliament, and especially the human rights delegated parliament members to oversee the situation and use the authority they have been given by society. The institute as well likes to remind the investigation judges and the general attorneys of their responsibilities of visiting prisons on regular basis, to hear the demands and complaints of the detained and report about it.