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Human Rights Clinic

The Human Rights Clinics provides support to persons victims of abuse as well as legal assistance, whether they are Lebanese citizens or residents in Lebanon, such as refugees and foreign workers. Human Rights Clinic also provides the necessary assistance to human rights defenders such as lawyers and civil society activists and journalists. In order to improve the human rights conditions in Lebanon, LIFE started a series of trainings for top executives in the civil society from defenders of human rights, officers, investigators in the police department and the prison administration, as well as judges.

LIFE encourages lawyers and judges to rely on international agreements relating to international human rights law in order to promote justice and to minimize contradictions between local laws and international conventions. LIFE created online forms in order for victims to be able to file their complaints in case of any form of discrimination, harassment or any violation of human related issues. LIFE also distributes soft copies that are available at its headquarter office, as well as its office in Beqaa and all over Lebanon through its own network, especially in the whereabouts of refugees.

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