Lebanese judge grants trans man right to change gender

January 15, 2016
BEIRUT: Lebanon's Court of Appeals granted a transgender man the right to rectify his legal status in civil registry after taking into account his psychological, sexual, moral and social status, a source told The Daily Star Friday.

Judge Jannet Hanna, who issued the verdict, emphasized the importance of allowing sex change to relieve the person from the psychological and social sufferings, which she said is a basic civil right for any person to receive treatment. 

She also underlined the importance of preserving the person's privacy.

The verdict was issued in September 2015 but was published two days ago, according to NGO Legal Agenda.

The judge's decision came after a man who had undergone a transgender operation appealed the request to add it to his civil register.

The man had filed a suit to a Beirut judge to look into the personal status law and allow people to change their genders in the population registry, which are considered vital legal records.

"The discussed case has been suffering from a gender identity disorder.... a medical report was obtained stating that the decision to undergo the surgery to become a male is the result of maturity and development," the verdict stated. 

The man had filed a court request to change his gender in the civil register after undergoing the operation but the judge rejected the request, prompting him to appeal the decision.

Judge Hanna said that the "operation was a medical necessity to relieve him from his suffering that had been present throughout his life."

"A person's right to receive the necessary treatment for any physical and psychological illness is a fundamental and natural one and no one can deprive anyone from it," the judge added.

Hanna underlined that the "civil register should reflect reality and the accurate status of the person... in particular when the registry doesn't match reality."

The man managed to secure the Appeal's Court approval and the first decision was annulled. 

The Daily Star

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